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Location:California, United States of America

kura { project c9 }

"She's like the double cheeseburger on McDonald's dollar menu: elusive, but wonderful once you've found her! ♥" → GLOAMING


This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Full of post a lot, tee el dee are, and a lot of ASDGLKHSDG. Largely incoherent, far too excited, and always broke. I love sleeping, cars, and coke. I hate Art Center, cockroaches, and the weather. I am the Hazama Kuro of Livejournal, and hi, it's nice to meet you.

If you're only interested in my art, please consider watching ♥YUUHUA, my art, game, anime, and photo blog. This is the journal where I emo endlessly about school and complain about everything under the sun.


    » Killua, Tidus, Yuri Lowell, Green
    » cars, formula 1, apple inc, coca-cola

    » Colbert Report, Daily Show, Top Gear, Zero Punctuation

    » black jack, dragon knights, monster, saiyuki
    » slayers, cowboy bebop, cardcaptor sakura, princess tutu
    » final fantasy tactics, vi, ix, x, chrono trigger, shadow hearts 2
    » toriyama akira, minekura kazuya, yoshitaka amano, naoki urasawa


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